Construction – Month 17 – Interior Paint, Kitchen cabinets, Staircase

Month 17 (Weeks 65-68)

This month, more work finished as we made our commitment to move in. That date approaches fast and thus trying to get enough of the house in order to move in has quickly become the priority.

The painter finished priming, painting, and sanding the door and window trim.

Also the interior doors..

The drywall repair guy came back to patch up all the drywall areas that had to be cut into for various reasons such as the ceiling in the family room to access the plumbing leading to the tub..

The electrician came and installed most of the remaining plugs and switches. Also the WAC lighting that we put into the staircase, install a light in the powder room and adding power to the hot water heaters so those would work.

I worked on the kitchen cabinets deciding to install those.. My brother and I – after much debate on measurements and how to do it (don’t get two engineers to install cabinets unless you want to hear a debate) – installed the wall cabinets. Then the next day I worked alone installing the base cabinets and island. Pretty fun work I thought.. Not that physically hard but lots to think about to make sure things are plumb and your walkways are even and everything is just right. Once the counter-tops go in there isn’t any opportunity to move things.

The staircase company showed up at the end of the month and started installing the stairs. The painter primed the balusters first and then the false ends and baseboards went in. We’re going with a maple that we think will match our hardwood flooring choice that’ll need to be stained. Also we found a newel post on houzz that we loved and asked them to duplicate. Can’t wait to see it!

We’ve also been having a problem with the front and rear door strike plates in that the way i did the trim, they’re not long enough. The door locking mechanism makes contact with the trim instead of the strike plate causing damage. So I had to get a custom strike plate fabricated for the rear door at a sheet metal machine shop since Anderson doesn’t sell custom strike plates. The front door is getting a custom one from Baldwin who do sell custom ones.

We’ve been having some issues with the HVAC system. Apparently one of the condensers needed a new coil even though it’s new. Must’ve been a lemon batch. The other one mysteriously keeps losing power. I’ll walk up to the thermostat and the screen will be dead. Both got fixed which is a relief since temperatures have climbed into the 80’s and even 90’s.

We’ve also been spending a lot more time cleaning of late. for good reason..

Next month we scramble to complete as much as possible in the midst of moving in.. yikes! As you can see by the above, there is MUCH to do yet.


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