Construction – Month 16 – Master bath, fireplace, and interior trim paint prep

Month 16 (Weeks 61-64)

The house limped along this month.. I didn’t do much work myself since I was sick one weekend, out of town another weekend running a half marathon (ouch! finished in my usual 2 hours or so), and went on a business trip one week.

But I still managed to hang some headers upstairs and we are mostly done with window and door trim at this point. There are a few stragglers which I can’t do until they repair the drywall around the box beams in the master bedroom.

The master bath tub arrived on site. The master bath made a lot of progress and most of it got finished. The tub and tub filler was installed, the shower glass arrived and was installed, the mirrors went in, the sinks, the faucets, the hanging lighting went in. 

The tile guys also grouted everything.. The master bath floor and shower, the powder room wall, the master bath pebbles on the wall.

They also installed the fireplace stone in the master bedroom.. We think it looks great!

Electrical made more progress and is almost done. In fact we submitted the form for our electrical smart meter and I paid the fee for it which means we’re a a couple of week away from the house getting on permanent power and the construction fence coming down.

The two tankless systems went in.. here is the one on the outside

The kitchen cabinets arrived from We had to unbox everything and inspect it so that we could request replacement parts if anything was amiss. There were some doors we didn’t like how they turned out but mostly everything looked good.

We decided to hire the painter who did the outside to spray the inside trim and all the doors so that it would look as good as possible (no brush marks). This is a pretty big hit to our budget ($10k) but i think will be worth it in the long run. His team spent about a week and a half prepping everything for the spraying.. Caulking, filling nail holes, taping windows and putting paper on drywalls.

Lastly, we did a walkthrough with our builder and gave him a list of follow up items since his work on the project is done. The rest is up to us to do


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