Construction – Month 15 – Master bath, electrical fixtures and fans, kitchen start

Month 15 (Weeks 57-60)

The house limps along.. Someone told me recently that once you get to drywall, you’re only halfway done. Boy were they right..

This month we saw a whole bunch of electrical fixtures go in (all the remaining ones). This is primarily the ceiling lights in the laundry room, staircase, upstairs closet, and a whole lot of ceiling fans.

pergola fans.. wet rated

family room fan

bedroom/office fans

master bedroom fan (we’re not crazy about it)

staircase lighting

The powder room got it’s feature wall tiled after we figured out what light fixture we were putting in there and realized we had to change the wiring from two fixtures on each side of the mirror to a single overhead fixture. Some drywall destruction and cables being moved later, the wall got floated and tiled..

The master bathroom made progress! They figured out the radiant floor problem and repaired it. They then tiled it and installed the vanity. The Vanity got it’s Caeserstone countertop as did the shower wall and curb. The Hubberton Forge lighting got put in and the frames for the mirrors went in as well. All that’s left now is the sinks, faucets/plumbing, tub, toilet, shower glass, and mirrors which should wrap up next month.

flooring tile and pebble grout

hubbarton forge lighting, mirror frames, and pebble accent

custom vanity

shower floor and curb/wall tops in caeserstone

shower shampoo niche

Meanwhile we built more headers and footers and caulked them for upstairs. Then installed them.. 

I also got some plywood for the kitchen cabinets to sit on after some trauma going to three different Home Depots because the first two’s saw was out of order.

future base/wall cabinet locations

I then measured and sketched out the kitchen layout in preparation for installing the cabinets when they arrive in the coming weeks. Thankfully the measurements all seem to be working and lining up with everything.. E.g. everything plays out from the center of the kitchen sink window and things like the peninsula’s lighting and the range’s hood exit line up perfectly. It would’ve sucked if something major was off this late in the game.. Even the electrical cables coming out of the wall for the under counter lighting and in-cabinet lighting appear to be in the right place.

Lastly, we passed our electrical inspection which is huge since it means we PG&E will now permanently hook up the house to power. No more having only 30 amps of power for the whole house and now the fence can come down since the house can be locked up.


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