Construction – Month 14 – Laundry Room, Master Bedroom & Bath, HVAC

Month 14 (Weeks 53-56)

The master bathroom made some progress.. Namely they caulked the shower and feature wall tile and our custom master bedroom vanity has finally been completed! It arrived along with the mirror frames and toilet shelves that were done in the same style.

Unfortunately while all that did happen, the installation of it all sat and for two weeks nothing happened. The radiant heat floor was still damaged and they haven’t been able to repair it so everything sits until they figure that out. Frustrating.. it’s been damaged for 6-7 weeks.

The laundry room floor was also tiled and caulked with the tile we chose that resembles hardwood flooring.

Lastly, the HVAC guy showed up and they installed the two condensers and replacement thermostats so everything is working now.

In the meantime and while they didn’t get much work done, I got a lot of work done. I built out the french doors on the lower and upper floor and the master bedroom to get them ready for trim installation..

We also completed the majority of trim that was left downstairs by building, caulking, and hanging over 20 headers and footers. The downstairs is starting to look a lot more complete..

I then turned my attention upstairs where I ripped through the remaining vertical pieces of material that I had installing them on the majority of the upstairs doors and windows..


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